Community Resources in Sherman, Texas

At Dr. Lance Johnson Family Dentistry in Sherman, Texas, our community matters to us a great deal. Our patients are friends and neighbors from Sherman, Bonham, Denison, Gainesville, and the surrounding areas in Texas. If you’re looking to support other businesses in our community, then follow along below for a list of current community resources.

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Get Assistance Understanding Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and Eldercare

A good set of teeth makes a great smile. A smile can change someone’s mood. One thing that can help in achieving overall well-being is by taking care of your teeth. Aside from that, living comfortably is also helpful, especially for seniors.
As the second-largest state in the country, Texas offers an abundance of care options for 3.7 million adults aged 65 and over, including world-class hospitals, luxury assisted living communities and home care services. About 2.4% of these seniors reside in nursing home facilities due to physical or cognitive conditions that require round-the-clock care. While this type of care can be expensive, there are assistance options available.
Seniors can find more detailed information about nursing homes in Texas, including costs, financial assistance, regulations and other resources further along in this guide:

Learn More About Medicare and Dental Insurance

If you’re curious about attaining medicare coverage for dental treatments, including dental implants, these resources are a great place to start: