Thank you for choosing Dr. Lance Johnson Family Dentistry! Our team goes above and beyond to ensure every patient has a comfortable experience from beginning to end. We use our generations of experience to provide you with the best quality dental care. We understand and anticipate a patient’s desire to learn more, so we take the time to answer and resolve any questions or confusion you have regarding procedures.

Total body health isn’t possible without healthy teeth, gums, and A+ oral hygiene. Research has proven the essential linkage between oral health and overall health time and time again. The oral cavity is like the front door to the rest of your body, so it is essential to stop bacteria and disease dead in its tracks. Regular cleanings every six months reduces the risk of disease, keeping your mouth healthy and odor-free. In addition to regular checkups, additional dental procedures are necessary from time to time. Our professional, empathetic staff will discuss all of your options and make sure that you go into the procedure feeling educated and confident and leave the procedure feeling the same way.

We work hard to help our patients find simple ways to finance any oral procedure. From getting you signed up for CareCredit to working directly with your insurance, our team is there for you throughout your entire oral health journey.

Click on the image below to fill out the pre-appointment paperwork electronically before your visit. Please arrive early to ensure that we have everything we need for a smooth visit. When filling out the forms, please include all medical history, medications, and natural supplements.

If you prefer to fill out new patient paperwork manually, click each form below to print. Bring filled-out paperwork to your first appointment.

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