Same-Day-Crowns in Sherman, Texas



Our facility is proud to operate with CEREC technology, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This advanced dental technology gives us the ability to create and implement ceramics, such as crowns, in one appointment.

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Previous technology required a lengthy process involving multiple visits to manufacture ceramics, like crowns and veneers. With Crown-In-A-Day services, we can solve a patient’s problem in one visit with efficient and comfortable care.

Using computer-aided design (CAD), our doctors generate complex and comprehensive impressions of your teeth. This increases the quality of the crown or veneer by guaranteeing a proper fit. With one visit to our in-house lab, you’ll be ready to get back to normal. By incorporating CEREC technology into our practice, your peace of mind is our top priority. Stop by Dr. Lance Johnson Family Dentistry for a convenient, same-day solution.