If crooked teeth are getting you down or making you shy, our team is here to help. Do you have an uncomfortable overbite or an underbite that makes daily activities difficult? Dr. Lance Johnson Family Dentistry is comprised of a team of experts who are eager to get your smile on track. We are passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles that lead to confident experiences.

Orthodontics aligns teeth and improves oral health, correcting irregularities and leading to a healthier, happier smile. Whatever your preference, we have something for you. We offer traditional wire braces, as well as invisible or clear braces, so that you can fit them into your lifestyle in the easiest way possible. We have great options for adults and children, including ClearCorrect aligners. You’re never too old to straighten your smile!

Not only do braces help improve oral hygiene, but a straighter smile leads to improved digestion, clearer speech, and an improved jaw structure. Because of these benefits, many adults choose to straighten their teeth, ensuring the longevity of their teeth and a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about whether braces are right for you and discuss options with one of our dental experts.