Dr. Lance Johnson DMD

If you’re a patient of Dr. Julie Folger’s, then you’re familiar with the warm, nurturing — and decidedly female — energy that emanates from the dental practice that she and her team of amazing women have built over the years.

So, if you’ve visited lately and have seen a tall rancher wandering around who appears to work there, then it may seem like there’s a rooster in the hen house. Technically, there is, but it’s nothing to get your feathers ruffled about.

Dr. Lance Johnson is the newest doctor to join Dr. Julie’s practice, and he’s also the new owner. And, according to Dr. Julie, he’s the perfect person to carry on her legacy as she retires later this year.

Once you meet Dr. Lance, who’s been practicing dentistry for more than 25 years, you might describe him as “gentlemanly, a good dentist, and a friendly man.” These words were actually used to describe the infamous Southern dentist Doc Holliday, but they’re also fitting for this man who’s a third-generation dentist and cattle rancher.

And yes, you can call him Dr. Lance instead of Dr. Johnson, if you like! He’s delighted to make your acquaintance, welcoming both new and current clients.

Dr. Lance’s presence and own brand of southern charm is definitely welcomed and felt at what is now known as Dr. Lance Johnson Family Dentistry. And, you’ll get to experience his dental expertise more and more as he works to transition full-time to this practice from his Mississippi practice in coming months. You’ll definitely know when he’s in the office but if you need any other indicators, just look in the parking lot for his big white work truck!

Relax, You’re in Great Hands

Let’s be honest: No one’s ever happy to go to the dentist — that’s just a fact of life. But if Dr. Lance Johnson has anything to say about it, you might just enjoy your next dental visit at his new Sherman practice. At the very least? You’ll come away from your visit knowing you’re getting top care with a friendly team that’s committed to making you feel like family — and building relationships for life.

Dr. Folger would like you to know that she interviewed many, many candidates for the position — and she “only liked one!” She’s thrilled to pass the torch to Dr. Lance after working with him for the past few months.

“When originally meeting Dr. Lance in the summer of 2020 (mid-pandemic) I liked him immediately. I could sense that we shared the same standards and goals for growing and supporting our patients. Now that I have worked side by side with him for a few months, I like him even better!” Dr. Folger says.

“I have learned many of his new techniques with the wonderful technology he has introduced into the practice and he is a VERY patient teacher,” Folger adds. “I also appreciate his mutual understanding that this practice has been my baby for 36 years and he intends to carry on the personal, caring delivery of services.”

Dr. Lance Knows Your Time Is Valuable

Dr. Lance Johnson and his team are determined to continue the practice’s long history of excellent, safe, pain-free dental care for the Sherman area — and he’s enhancing the practice with the most advanced dental technology available today.

Early on in his career, Dr. Lance recognized a critical need for better dental technology in rural areas — and he’s been passionate about providing advanced dental care to his patients ever since. Here at the practice, you’ll enjoy the tech-smart, top-notch care that you’d get in any major metropolitan area — just down the road in Sherman, in our sparkling clean office a stone’s throw from Pecan Grove West Park. Dr. Lance and the team strive to make each patient’s visit as comfortable — and as quick — as possible. And if there’s work to be done to improve your dental health, they’ll handle it with cutting-edge tech — like CEREC Primescan and Primemill devices and CT-scan technology — under their own roof.

In fact, in most cases, there’s no need to travel to multiple specialists, like separate orthodontists, endodontists, or oral surgeons — saving precious time (and gas money!) for patients.

Been dreading that crown? Don’t sweat it — Dr. Lance can get you all set with a brand-new crown in one day, thanks to CEREC technology, which allows Dr. Lance to create ceramics such as crowns and veneers in a single appointment. (Fun fact: Dr. Lance is a CEREC expert!)

Offering Dental Care for Every Member of Your Family

Whether you’re 8 or 80 (or any other age), Dr. Lance and his team care deeply about your family’s oral health — and they want you all to enjoy the happiness that comes from bright, healthy smiles.

Early Childhood

The American Dental Association recommends a first dental exam soon after the child’s first tooth erupts, before their first birthday. That’s much earlier than most parents expect to take their child to meet the dentist, but a positive experience at a first dental checkup at an early age sets the stage for many more in the future.

Pre-teens and Teens

Exams, X-rays, cleanings, cavities — you name it, Dr. Lance handles every kind of care for your favorite young adults (yes, even orthodontic care like braces!).


Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, adults are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever before. Dr. Lance and his team are there to help you improve your natural smile, with powerful whitening treatments and beautiful veneers. Dr. Lance also creates comfortable dentures and bridges for adult clients, as well as pain-free dental implants. In addition to providing regular dental care for adult and senior patients, Dr. Lance carefully screens his clients for any signs of oral cancers.

Insurance Red Tape? Dr. Lance and the Team Have Your Back

Dr. Lance knows that the cost of dental care — and confusing insurance plans — can be a heavy burden on families working hard to get by. That’s why Dr. Lance and his team are committed to helping you make sense of complicated insurance paperwork.

He and his team will take special care to review your specific dental policy, and they’ll also work directly with your insurance company to make sure you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to for your dental care. In addition, Dr. Lance offers special financing for select dental procedures, to make top-notch care accessible to as many folks as possible.

What’s Dr. Lance’s background?

Though his father and grandfather were both dentists, Dr. Lance resisted the profession’s calling at first, pursuing an Air Force pilot’s path. But curiosity about his father’s vocation won out — and his dad welcomed him to the family profession.

Though his cowboy hat is a definite favorite, Dr. Lance has worn many hats proudly over the years, including volunteer firefighter and expert bow hunter.

As a scholar at Delta State and the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry, Dr. Lance graduated at the top of his class. In fact, he won so many awards and accolades at his dental school graduation that — in his words — “it got a little embarrassing.”

Dr. Lance is especially proud of his role as a mentor and trainer for CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) one-visit dentistry.

What does Dr. Lance get up to in his spare time?

Dr. Lance is just as at home on the range as he is chairside at the office. He currently owns the Zero Cattle Ranch in Bennington, Oklahoma — a very special place that his grandparents passed down to him. He swears sunsets on the ranch are some of the best he’s ever seen, anywhere.

In his downtime, Dr. Lance can be found fishing with sons Tristan and Tanner, and feeding calves and enjoying those Texoma sunsets with his Wife Katey.

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